Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Madness!

Posts have been scarce this month because we've been so busy getting the house ready! Only 111 more day now! (See my new little nifty countdown?! You can make your own here.) Here's a peak at what all we've been up to:

I made a Roman shade for the kitchen

mostly finished product! I'm pretty proud of myself
repainted the kitchen. Yeah, it's red on red but the undercoat was splotchy.
Syd decided to put her knees on the wet paint...because she's special
Tom killed bugs. YAY TOM!

Dad assembled the grill

added homey touches to the dining room

And are in the middle of refinishing some outdoor furniture

Next on the agenda? Repaint the bedroom (again)! The house is starting to look so cute! And it's nearly clean! If only I could get Tommy to finish unpacking... More to come :)

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