Thursday, June 30, 2011

License to Wed

Today, Tom and I applied for our marriage license!

Yay! We're now one step closer to our life together! Eeeeeeekk!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Love Rainy Days...

with this song:

this quote:
"Rain is grace; rain is the sky condesending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life."
-John Updike
and a cup of hot tea, sitting on the porch watching it fall. 

What's your idea of the perfect rainy day?
Or are you one of those people who hate them?

pic from here

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bachlorette Beach Bums

The Bridesmaids and I have spent the past week in Gulf Shores for our week-long bachlorette party! It was marvolous! I love my friends and had a BLAST hanging out with everyone.

We laid out, ate yummy yummy seafood and grilled cheese, devoured a jumbo jar of Nutella, watched dolphins play, drank pina coladas and daquires every night (virgin, of course), got pooped on, hit on, and raped by violent waves.

While we were down there, Mamma Marsha gave me an awesome bridal luncheon at Cobalt! Let's just say, I have a new favorite resturant now! The crab claw appitizers, the lobster rigatoni.. MMMM! So. Good! Marsha picked out the prettiest flowers and the cutest cake! It had charms inside! Everyone pulled a ribbon and got a special charm just for them! It was so cool!
 I was finally able to give all my wonderful bridesmaids their gifts! I'm a terrible secret-keeper so I've been dying to give them early for months!
We had a wonderful time! Thanks Mamma Marsha!

And a huge thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Faucett for letting us stay in their condo all week!

click here for more beach pics!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Laced with Lacie

I now have lots of naughty and nice to move into my new house!
June 18th my wonderful MOHs, Sydney and Leslie, threw me the most fabulous lingerie party!

The food was delish and pretty (see my cutesy cake and naughty cookies!) and the decorations we absolutely adorable! We started the evening with snacking and dancing to a...well...appropriately inappropriate CD that Lu and Syd put together. Sooo perfecttt! Then it was on to our first game!

Game one was called Pole in a Hole, which involves two teams of two. One team member stands with a broomstick between their legs and the other team member standing across the room with a paper towel roll between theirs. The poles must cross the room and slide the stick into the paper towel roll without using their hands. It's hilarious and really hard to do if you're laughing! I would post a picture, but wearing a dress and holding a stick between your legs makes for an awkward looking girl!  

After Pole in a Hole, we moved on to gifts. I won't elaborate, but let me just say that I luh-uuved everything! Pretty and sweet, not-so-sweet and fun, it was all great! I got some pretty funny gifts too! Being a pretty young group of girls, there was quite a bit a giggling! Followed, of course, by the sound, new-wife advise of Emily.

Next it was time for game two, named Gettin' Ready in the Dark. Once again, pretty self-explainitory. I was blind folded and spun round and round, then had to find my suitcase, put on panties, a bra, a teddy, feather boa, and lipstick, then find my way to a stick figure Tommy and give him a big ol' smooch! I'm going to brag on myself a little and say that I was pretty beast (once I found the suitcase!). Tommy and I will have no problem if the power goes out!

The lingerie shower was so. much. FUN! Thanks again Syd and Lu for making it so great! I love you guys! And I'm sure Tom will be thanking you all soon (;

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bama Bound!

I am offically enrolled at the University of Alabama! Woot woot! My orientation was June 13th and 14th (Freshman 5) and it was much more fun than I had expected! Mostly because Sydney and Mary Ann were there, too! We met lots of new people and learned a lot, but I still think it'll be pretty obvious that we're freshmen.
Most of the parents came, but I thought I was big and bad and didn't need my mommy with me. My tune changed after my first advising session. She came on the second day and made us take pictures.

**Mary Ann, I'm sorry you left before the picture fest began :(

 Nifty nametags
 Super drawstring bags! We were the lucky few that had a planner inside!
and THE tshirts
Most important lesson learned? Starting a sentence with "Well, at Auburn they..." will get your request more consideration than anything else.

If you notice a puddle of blood on the sidewalk by the Ferg...well, there's a story there.

EmPot Turns Two!

Sweet Emory James turned two last Thursday! Ed and Ashlee were in Vegas for work, so mom and I got to throw her a little birthday party! We started the day at CHOM and finished at CiCi's. Even Jaden came to CHOM with us! I hope you're comfortable because this will be a very long, very picturey post!

Feel free to check out my Facebook album for more birthday fun!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Showered in Love

Like I said in my last post (five minutes ago), I am so blessed to have to many great friends! June 5th my sweet friends Keli, Meghan, and Savannah threw me a super fun shower at the church!

My awesome hostesses planned lots of fun little games for us! One, which I absolutely loved, involved designing wedding dresses out of toilet paper! It sounds redneck, but there was some seriously intricate detail to these tp gowns! I was so impressed!

Team Savannah gussied up their gown with a braided sash around the waist and a braided headpiece

Team Pamela went for modern class with the mermaid silhouette, black tape sash, and handmade hair flowers

Team Stacy took us back to the 80s with three inch shoulder pads

Team Brenda designed a beautiful gown with a plunging neckline; however, there was quite a bit of bum showing. They claim the dress was inspired by J.Lo
Since it was my job to judge the dresses, I wasn't able to partcipate in the designing. Instead I played with little Miss Maggie! I think it was a pretty fair trade off :)

 We had sooo much fun! I was given so many wonderful gifts and really enjoyed spending time with all the ladies who were able to attend!

Peachy Not-So-Keen

As you well know, we have painted the rooms in our house multiple times already. I keep telling Tommy "this is the last time I'm painting, I promise there will be no more paint fumes in your house..." but so far my word hasn't proven very true! It's alright though because it keeps looking better and better! A few weeks ago (yeah, I'm really far behind on my blogs this month) my tall, pretty friend, Kara, helped me paint our bright peach livingroom! I tried and tried to work with this horrid color but it just wasn't happening! So ugly! It didn't seem that bad though until we covered it with a beautiful green!

These pictures were taken with my phone so there pretty stinky, but the color really is so pretty! I love to just sit in there and look at the walls :) it's coming together so nicely! I've been so blessed with all the help I've gotten from my buddies! I love my frands!

More pictures to come!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vow Vexation

Oh my gracious! Today marks ONE MONTH before the wedding! It's creeped up on me out of no where. Not that I'm not excited, it just all seems so surreal! I mean, I'll be a wife in thirty days! Can you believe it?!

At this point I'm way past worrying about the weather, or having enough food or space for everyone; I'm now more concerned about flubbing up the vows. I get so nervous talking in front of living, breathing people! And we'll be mic-ed (courtesy of our videographer, Brad Smith) so when I screw up everyone will know! I really, really hope I don't start crying because 1. I'm an ugly cryer and 2. I sound like I have a mouthful of marbles.

Last night I was venting my concerns to mom when she showed me a video that Bec-Bec had sent her.
I get all cracked up every time I watch this! His face. That laugh. It's just too much!
So I guess if the vows get a little funky, it'll be a fond memory to look back on. At the end of the day we'll be just as married :)