Monday, June 27, 2011

Bachlorette Beach Bums

The Bridesmaids and I have spent the past week in Gulf Shores for our week-long bachlorette party! It was marvolous! I love my friends and had a BLAST hanging out with everyone.

We laid out, ate yummy yummy seafood and grilled cheese, devoured a jumbo jar of Nutella, watched dolphins play, drank pina coladas and daquires every night (virgin, of course), got pooped on, hit on, and raped by violent waves.

While we were down there, Mamma Marsha gave me an awesome bridal luncheon at Cobalt! Let's just say, I have a new favorite resturant now! The crab claw appitizers, the lobster rigatoni.. MMMM! So. Good! Marsha picked out the prettiest flowers and the cutest cake! It had charms inside! Everyone pulled a ribbon and got a special charm just for them! It was so cool!
 I was finally able to give all my wonderful bridesmaids their gifts! I'm a terrible secret-keeper so I've been dying to give them early for months!
We had a wonderful time! Thanks Mamma Marsha!

And a huge thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Faucett for letting us stay in their condo all week!

click here for more beach pics!

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