Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vow Vexation

Oh my gracious! Today marks ONE MONTH before the wedding! It's creeped up on me out of no where. Not that I'm not excited, it just all seems so surreal! I mean, I'll be a wife in thirty days! Can you believe it?!

At this point I'm way past worrying about the weather, or having enough food or space for everyone; I'm now more concerned about flubbing up the vows. I get so nervous talking in front of living, breathing people! And we'll be mic-ed (courtesy of our videographer, Brad Smith) so when I screw up everyone will know! I really, really hope I don't start crying because 1. I'm an ugly cryer and 2. I sound like I have a mouthful of marbles.

Last night I was venting my concerns to mom when she showed me a video that Bec-Bec had sent her.
I get all cracked up every time I watch this! His face. That laugh. It's just too much!
So I guess if the vows get a little funky, it'll be a fond memory to look back on. At the end of the day we'll be just as married :)

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