Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bama Bound!

I am offically enrolled at the University of Alabama! Woot woot! My orientation was June 13th and 14th (Freshman 5) and it was much more fun than I had expected! Mostly because Sydney and Mary Ann were there, too! We met lots of new people and learned a lot, but I still think it'll be pretty obvious that we're freshmen.
Most of the parents came, but I thought I was big and bad and didn't need my mommy with me. My tune changed after my first advising session. She came on the second day and made us take pictures.

**Mary Ann, I'm sorry you left before the picture fest began :(

 Nifty nametags
 Super drawstring bags! We were the lucky few that had a planner inside!
and THE tshirts
Most important lesson learned? Starting a sentence with "Well, at Auburn they..." will get your request more consideration than anything else.

If you notice a puddle of blood on the sidewalk by the Ferg...well, there's a story there.


  1. Haha its okay Bethany! i was with you in spirit!!!

    love you!
    Mary Annis

  2. Rollllllllllllllll Tide grampa