Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Confessions

I've been in a pretty rotten mood today and I feel like I should purge myself with some Friday Confessions. Since Friday is the last day of  the work week, it seems like an appropriate time to get out guilt, apologize and have a great weekend.

Confession Number One: I told Margo I would feed her to sharks if she didn't stop licking my face while I'm trying to sleep. Sorry puppy.

Confession Number Two: I mumbled a few choice words and kicked the side door at the gym several times when it wouldn't open. Pretty much acted a fool. Sorry to whoever watches the security camera.

Confession Number Three: I morphed into dragon lady and took my bad mood out on Tommy when he had done nothing to deserve it. Sorry babe.

Confession Number Four: My workout this morning got the least amount of effort ever. Sorry body.

Confession Number Five: I might be wanting to repaint the bedroom again. Sorry Mom, Sydney, Brandon, Mrs. Lynda, and Tommy.

Well I feel better! Maybe those Catholics are on to something! I'm very sorry if you've come into contact with my stinky attitude this morning! I promise it's over and the Dragon Lady is gone for the day so you can come out of your hiding places!

Do you have any Friday Confessions you'd like to get off your chest?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Tomisino!!


Today my wonderful fiance is turning the big 1-9! It's his last year to be a teenager and I can hardly believe it! Tommy usually takes  few minutes out of his busy busy day to read my posts, so in honor of his birthday I am writing this one for him! Here are 19 things that I most love about you, Tom. enjoy :)

1. your 5 1/2 dimples 

2. what a hard worker you are

3. the way you chuckle at funny movies

4. you love Disney movies just as much as I do

5. you make the best steak in the world

6. when you agree with me that it's a "cookies for dinner" kind of night

7. watching the Office with you and yelling at Michael

8. cuddling

9. watching you freak out when the bad guys on Call of Duty are shooting at you (especially the zombies)

10. how watching the same Steve Carell movies over and over and over again never get old because I'm watching them with you.

11. the way you yell/sing Ain't No Mountain High Enough 

12. your fluffy hair

13. the was you say double Ls. Hello Yellow Pillow!

14. how you fully support everything I do, even if it's a little crazy.

15. how dedicated you are to EVERYTHING you have to do

16. you alway hold my hand, even if we're only walking a few feet.

17. your scruffle :)

18. even if you're mad at me, you never forget to say "I love you" and I know you mean it.

19. the trust we have, the memories we're making, and the knowledge that it's never-ending.

I feel so privileged that I get to spend your birthday with you and I'm so looking forward to it always being that way. I hope you have the most wonderful birthday ever and all your wishes come true! I love you to the moon and back.

Always & Forever,

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Nanny Diaries: Our Huge Adventure

Friday conclued my first week at my new job--I know a lot of young guys roll their eyes when babysitting is referred to as work, but I'd like to see them do it--and even though it was a crazy week, I love it! I'm in charge of three most precious little girls: Rylee, 5; Emory, 19 months; and Lucy, 5 weeks. They are good girls and no trouble at all, but my first week has been absolutely insane! So much has happened! But I've decided that at least I'm getting exposed to everything all at once so that I'll know what to do further down the road.

Monday: First day with the Potter's. Rylee and I bowled with zoo animals while her mom took baby Lucy to the doctor. While we were playing, she looked at my leopard print flats and asked "Was an animal poached to make your shoes?!" to which I replied "No" but what I was thinking was, Oh my gosh! She is so smart! What five year old uses the word poached?!

Later Rylee perfected her swinging and chalked it up to me teaching her. I didn't actually do anything but if she thinks I'm awesome for teaching her how to swing, that's cool with me! While we were outside I also learned that Emory's middle name is James. Emory JAMES POTTER. As in Harry Potter's dad! How cool is that?! Wow...I am a total nerd. 

When Mrs. Ashlee got back from the doctor she told us that Lucy had a cold and would be better in a few days.

Tuesday: Emory runs to greet me at the door. Adorable in every way! She kissed the tip of my nose and now I have to love her forever! Ashlee showed me how to clean little children and I found out that I can use it as play time if I'm ever feeling overwhelmed. Rylee, Emory and I played in the sandbox. Poor Lucy's cough was worse and she kept choaking so she was taken back to the doctor and diagnosed with RSV. Sick babies are the saddest things in the world :(

Wednesday: Rylee had to get a haircut before school started the next day so it was just me, Emory and Lucy at the house--which is how it will be everyday while Rylee is at school. About 15 minutes later when she realized she was alone, Emory started crying because she missed her mommy and, since I was not her mommy, nothing I did could console her. She ran to the door and tried to put her coat on, which sounds very logical for someone who isn't quite two, except for the fact that it was still hanging on the rack so she was just kind of dangling there on the wall (I tried to stifle a laugh but, I'm sorry, that was just too funny!). Lucy woke up in all this hooplah and decided she was hungry but I could not for the life of me find her formula! So here I am with two terribly distraught little girls and no idea how to help either one. Then *lightbulb* I remembered bath time. I filled up the tub and ploped crying Emory in and she immediately calmed down and started playing in the water. This gave me time to find Lucy's pacifier and bouncy seat. I put her in the seat and she went straight to sleep. BATH TIME IS WONDERFUL! Got Emory clean, got Lucy clean (she hates baths) and as I was putting on her clothes she got strangled on her phlegm and spit up just as Ashlee and Rylee were coming in. Poor baby!

Ps. I wasn't by myself this week. Ashlee is still on maternity leave and I'm just helping her out and learning important kidsies stuff. All this just happened to happen while she was at Rylee's hair appointment.

Thursday: Ashlee had a doctor's appointment  that morning and Rylee was back at school so once again it was me, Emory and Lucy. This time Emory was okay with just me being there. We watched Dora and Little Einsteins:Our big HUGE Adventure about twenty times before Lucy woke up and wanted to eat. She seemed better and ate a lot, but, once again, right as Ashlee walked in, she spit up everything. Ashlee took her back to the doctor to see what was up and Emory and I watched movies. Annndd she took a nap! I haven't been able to get her to take a nap all week and I finally did it! I was so proud! When Ashlee came home she told me that Lucy was being emmitted to the hospital for treatment and that Rylee's puppy, Harley, had been run over. She packed a bag for Lucy and was off to the hospital. She's a great mom. Juggles everything and stays so calm. I don't know how she does it! I'm just the nanny and I was freaking out! Mr. Ed (the Potter husband, not the horse) brought Rylee home and told her about Harley--which she handled surprisingly well, I thought--then went to help GiGi (Ashlee's mom) bury the dog. The Potter parents handled all the tough stuff and I fed Rylee and Emory ice cream and got them ready for their sleepover at GiGi's.

Friday: I walked in right as GiGi was dropping off Rylee and Emory. Rylee wasn't feeling good so her dad took care of her and I played with Emory. Ten minutes later, poor Rylee was throwing up. She felt a lot better afterwards and was outside swinging within two hours. Emory is teething so that made her a little fussy but nothing too bad. Not even a little bad. She sat in my lap for almost an hour just watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The afternoon was pretty calm with no big events. Rylee had to get her booster shots which had her in a fit all day (not that I can blame her. Shots still make me cry and faint) and Lucy was still in the hospital but Emory took another nap so that was good!

It was a crazy week! I'm so lucky to have Ashlee there most of the day because if she hadn't been I wouldn't have had any clue what to do. Lucy got to come home Saturday so praise God! And acoording to Facebook she doing pretty good. Even though I have only known the Potter girls for a short time, I'm already in love with them! How could I not be? They are precious! Rylee even drew me a picture! I love this job! It's taught me how not to be squimish. I can change diapers, deal with spit up, wipe noses, and use the nose sucker all without gagging. Well, most of the time anyway

How's your first week back been?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pretty Making

Busybusybusy week! Tuesday night me, Mom, Sydney, and Brandon painted the bedroom in the new house! Tommy is incredibly sweet so he let me paint it any color I wanted so it's kind of a girly color /: oops! It looks a little funny with just him living there but in July it will be understandable. Do I what? Yes of course I have pictures! Thank you for asking! I was really bad at painting at first but with Sydder's help I got better by the end of the night.

pumped to start!

priming the baby-poop colored walls (they looked worse in real life)

*sigh* little brothers...what can you do

singing Brittany

hehe :) i like kisses


I had so much fun painting and I can't wait to do the rest of the pretty making in the house! I've still got to redo the blotchy paint in the kitchen and touch up the trim. When Tom moved in Wednesday I could tell he felt very lonely in the house all by himself with nothing set up to make it feel like a home, so Thursday night Mom and I broke in (actually I have a key but "broke in" sounds more hardcore) to set up his bed and clean the kitchen. I also fulfilled my pre-wifely duties and baked him cookies and left them on his bed for a happy surprise when he got home from work :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Domesticality 101

Every now and again my parents like to teach me handy things like how to cook or sew or correctly clean things. My pops is very concerned with my ability to feed Tommy when I move out so today he taught me how to make my mawmaw's creamy potato soup! It was marvelous! And great fun! I chopped my own potatos and everything! And I found out that I am not the niftiest when it comes to using knives.
I have a deep love for all things domestic so this year for Christmas Mum bought me this lovely apron from Pier 1 (which is probably my new favorite store. Until recently Mom wouldn't let me go in there because she thought I would break something). I'm totally into being a 1950s-style housewife so I really dig these homemaker lessons. Next weekend I'm fixing busted zippers and re-sewing buttons because this little Mrs has got to take care of her hubby!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Year in Review

Today I've noticed a lot of blogs doing a year in pictures sort of thing so I've decided to jump right on the bandwagon! After all, 2010 was such a fabulous year!
In January, Tommy turned 18 and we got cute puppy Flex

In Febuary, me and my pretty friends had a blast at Vista Formal with our awkward hands.

In April, we went Back to the 80s in a super fun musical!

Also in April (the 4th to be exact) Tom and I went to the zoo to celebrate our anniversary! We loooooved the birds!
SUPER eventful month! Prom at the end of April, where I met Libby Scott :)
On May 13th Haleigh and Tom graduated from County High
And May 14th bffs Keli and Meghan graduated from Holt
(and I have to say, as much as I love them, it was the most ghetto graduation I'd ever seen)
Made cool plaques with fun friends Sydney and Mary Ann at All Fired Up in June
Hung out in Panama City with Tommy's family 4th of July week

painted up for every football game in August with my best friends
stayed up for 49 hours in September to hang the Hillcrest flag

October was definately worth remembering! Tommy proposed, they let me be Homecoming Queen, I got to see these sweet girls (Sara&Abby) and I turned the big 1-8. But the end of the month we said good-bye to my Pawpaw, but it's alright because, in Abby's words, "He's with Jesus now so you don't have to cry."

In November, Brandon did an ah-mazing job in his first play and I got in touch with my inner Nanny Fine. And Tom found us a house!
The year ended with a glorious snow dump in Ft. Payne and Gatlinburg on Christmas day

I'm sure none of you are this interested in my life but I'm really glad I did this post because I almost forgot how much fun I had this year! It was full of the highest highs and the lowest lows and because of them, I am a stronger, wiser person. I am the most thankful to God for bringing me through everything and opening so many doors. Yay Life!!

This year's resolution
make working out a habit. at least until the wedding.