Sunday, January 2, 2011

Domesticality 101

Every now and again my parents like to teach me handy things like how to cook or sew or correctly clean things. My pops is very concerned with my ability to feed Tommy when I move out so today he taught me how to make my mawmaw's creamy potato soup! It was marvelous! And great fun! I chopped my own potatos and everything! And I found out that I am not the niftiest when it comes to using knives.
I have a deep love for all things domestic so this year for Christmas Mum bought me this lovely apron from Pier 1 (which is probably my new favorite store. Until recently Mom wouldn't let me go in there because she thought I would break something). I'm totally into being a 1950s-style housewife so I really dig these homemaker lessons. Next weekend I'm fixing busted zippers and re-sewing buttons because this little Mrs has got to take care of her hubby!

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