Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pretty Making

Busybusybusy week! Tuesday night me, Mom, Sydney, and Brandon painted the bedroom in the new house! Tommy is incredibly sweet so he let me paint it any color I wanted so it's kind of a girly color /: oops! It looks a little funny with just him living there but in July it will be understandable. Do I what? Yes of course I have pictures! Thank you for asking! I was really bad at painting at first but with Sydder's help I got better by the end of the night.

pumped to start!

priming the baby-poop colored walls (they looked worse in real life)

*sigh* little brothers...what can you do

singing Brittany

hehe :) i like kisses


I had so much fun painting and I can't wait to do the rest of the pretty making in the house! I've still got to redo the blotchy paint in the kitchen and touch up the trim. When Tom moved in Wednesday I could tell he felt very lonely in the house all by himself with nothing set up to make it feel like a home, so Thursday night Mom and I broke in (actually I have a key but "broke in" sounds more hardcore) to set up his bed and clean the kitchen. I also fulfilled my pre-wifely duties and baked him cookies and left them on his bed for a happy surprise when he got home from work :)

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