Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Confessions

I've been in a pretty rotten mood today and I feel like I should purge myself with some Friday Confessions. Since Friday is the last day of  the work week, it seems like an appropriate time to get out guilt, apologize and have a great weekend.

Confession Number One: I told Margo I would feed her to sharks if she didn't stop licking my face while I'm trying to sleep. Sorry puppy.

Confession Number Two: I mumbled a few choice words and kicked the side door at the gym several times when it wouldn't open. Pretty much acted a fool. Sorry to whoever watches the security camera.

Confession Number Three: I morphed into dragon lady and took my bad mood out on Tommy when he had done nothing to deserve it. Sorry babe.

Confession Number Four: My workout this morning got the least amount of effort ever. Sorry body.

Confession Number Five: I might be wanting to repaint the bedroom again. Sorry Mom, Sydney, Brandon, Mrs. Lynda, and Tommy.

Well I feel better! Maybe those Catholics are on to something! I'm very sorry if you've come into contact with my stinky attitude this morning! I promise it's over and the Dragon Lady is gone for the day so you can come out of your hiding places!

Do you have any Friday Confessions you'd like to get off your chest?

1 comment:

  1. Repainting is not that big of a deal. We won't even have to prime if you are thinking about the blue. We will only have to move Tom's stuff to the middle. He could even go to Coker for a night and then he wouldn't be bothered by it at all. Lynda can NOT wear her peacoat this time! We should do the kitchen at the same time! I'm so glad your feeling better :)

    My confession-I could feed Margo to the sharks too when she barks likes she's dying at 6am just because I put her outside to use the bathroom! (But we love her too much so I guess we won't)