Monday, March 21, 2011

Pretty Making: Fit for a Boy

You may have see this on mom's Facebook:

"Stayed up till 3:30am helping bee repaint the bedroom in her and Tom's future home. I wonder what I did with all my time before they got engaged?!?! It is so fun making memories with them! Love you both :)"

Now, if you've been reading the blog from the begining, you probably remember another post about painting the bedroom. If not, you can catch up here.

Yes, I've painted the bedroom once already and really thought I liked the color, then we found the perfect comforter set while regeristering and HAD to repaint, as we had found nothing to match the first color. Plus the first color was super girly and I felt like it would cause Tom to dream of unicorns.

before  (Sunwashed Kelp, Dutchboy)

covering, in Joey's words words, "Spongebob's poop"
After hours and hours we finally ended up with this:

ignore the super mess. we had to pile everything on the bed
(Gyser Mist, Martha Stewart Living)

I'd like the give my mom a GARGANTUINE thank you for helping so much! I passed out at 2:30 and she kept going! What a woman!! Not too bad for an oldie.

My Favorite Little Monster

Meet Emory James!

She's my little monster.

in to everything, but always precious and so so sweet.

she says, "high! hiiiiiiiiiigh! weeeeeee!"

I love my sweet monster, Emory!

"The old shall become new..."

At the end of my last post I told you that my parents and I were refinishing some patio furniture for the house. Well it's finished! We moved it in Saturday. I just love it and I could not wait to share it with you!



we added the daisies tonight

Someone gave this set to my 'rents way before I was ever thought of. We're guessing its around 30 years old, but I'd swear it didn't look a day over 29! Give it some cosmetic surgery and elbow grease and it looks brand new! It's absolutly adorable and adds so much to the little porch area. Thanks mom and dad :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Madness!

Posts have been scarce this month because we've been so busy getting the house ready! Only 111 more day now! (See my new little nifty countdown?! You can make your own here.) Here's a peak at what all we've been up to:

I made a Roman shade for the kitchen

mostly finished product! I'm pretty proud of myself
repainted the kitchen. Yeah, it's red on red but the undercoat was splotchy.
Syd decided to put her knees on the wet paint...because she's special
Tom killed bugs. YAY TOM!

Dad assembled the grill

added homey touches to the dining room

And are in the middle of refinishing some outdoor furniture

Next on the agenda? Repaint the bedroom (again)! The house is starting to look so cute! And it's nearly clean! If only I could get Tommy to finish unpacking... More to come :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pity, party of one!

I've been throwing an on-going pity party for the last month or so. Guest of honor? Me, of course! It just seems like everyone else's wedding is falling into place so easily and quickly, but mine is creeping along and nothing is getting done! In my whiney-baby, pity-party mind, all the other girls are getting the best deals and finding the cutest stuff and I got nothin. I stress about the guest list about 95% of the time I'm awake. I'm terrified that it will rain, or worse, be sweltering. And why does everything cost so much?!? I even went so far as to cold-heartedly say, "weddings are a stupid waste of time" TO MY MOTHER! The woman who has done everything to make my day special. What is wrong with me?!?

You know what makes me even more jerkish? I have no reason what so ever to be worried. I have the most wonderful women in my life (Mommy and Sydney Baird, for example)  who have taken care of everything! The only thing I have to do is finalize decisions and get everything paid for. I guess I just don't like to take care of my own stuff so I just keep putting it off until I freak myself out. But after reading Emily's blog, I realized that every bride has meltdowns and difficulties, most worse than my petty worries, and life moves on. If it rains, we'll break out the umbrellas and rainboots; If it's too hot, well, we're Alabamians and we'll pull through!

At this time I would like to put an offical end to this party. I'm am changing my attitude for the better and making a point to remember that no matter how stressed I may be,
"all things work together for good to those who love God"
Romans 28:8