Monday, March 21, 2011

Pretty Making: Fit for a Boy

You may have see this on mom's Facebook:

"Stayed up till 3:30am helping bee repaint the bedroom in her and Tom's future home. I wonder what I did with all my time before they got engaged?!?! It is so fun making memories with them! Love you both :)"

Now, if you've been reading the blog from the begining, you probably remember another post about painting the bedroom. If not, you can catch up here.

Yes, I've painted the bedroom once already and really thought I liked the color, then we found the perfect comforter set while regeristering and HAD to repaint, as we had found nothing to match the first color. Plus the first color was super girly and I felt like it would cause Tom to dream of unicorns.

before  (Sunwashed Kelp, Dutchboy)

covering, in Joey's words words, "Spongebob's poop"
After hours and hours we finally ended up with this:

ignore the super mess. we had to pile everything on the bed
(Gyser Mist, Martha Stewart Living)

I'd like the give my mom a GARGANTUINE thank you for helping so much! I passed out at 2:30 and she kept going! What a woman!! Not too bad for an oldie.

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  1. I am NOT an oldie!!! Who was the one asleep at 2:30? Just sayin...