Sunday, June 26, 2011

Laced with Lacie

I now have lots of naughty and nice to move into my new house!
June 18th my wonderful MOHs, Sydney and Leslie, threw me the most fabulous lingerie party!

The food was delish and pretty (see my cutesy cake and naughty cookies!) and the decorations we absolutely adorable! We started the evening with snacking and dancing to a...well...appropriately inappropriate CD that Lu and Syd put together. Sooo perfecttt! Then it was on to our first game!

Game one was called Pole in a Hole, which involves two teams of two. One team member stands with a broomstick between their legs and the other team member standing across the room with a paper towel roll between theirs. The poles must cross the room and slide the stick into the paper towel roll without using their hands. It's hilarious and really hard to do if you're laughing! I would post a picture, but wearing a dress and holding a stick between your legs makes for an awkward looking girl!  

After Pole in a Hole, we moved on to gifts. I won't elaborate, but let me just say that I luh-uuved everything! Pretty and sweet, not-so-sweet and fun, it was all great! I got some pretty funny gifts too! Being a pretty young group of girls, there was quite a bit a giggling! Followed, of course, by the sound, new-wife advise of Emily.

Next it was time for game two, named Gettin' Ready in the Dark. Once again, pretty self-explainitory. I was blind folded and spun round and round, then had to find my suitcase, put on panties, a bra, a teddy, feather boa, and lipstick, then find my way to a stick figure Tommy and give him a big ol' smooch! I'm going to brag on myself a little and say that I was pretty beast (once I found the suitcase!). Tommy and I will have no problem if the power goes out!

The lingerie shower was so. much. FUN! Thanks again Syd and Lu for making it so great! I love you guys! And I'm sure Tom will be thanking you all soon (;

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