Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Peachy Not-So-Keen

As you well know, we have painted the rooms in our house multiple times already. I keep telling Tommy "this is the last time I'm painting, I promise there will be no more paint fumes in your house..." but so far my word hasn't proven very true! It's alright though because it keeps looking better and better! A few weeks ago (yeah, I'm really far behind on my blogs this month) my tall, pretty friend, Kara, helped me paint our bright peach livingroom! I tried and tried to work with this horrid color but it just wasn't happening! So ugly! It didn't seem that bad though until we covered it with a beautiful green!

These pictures were taken with my phone so there pretty stinky, but the color really is so pretty! I love to just sit in there and look at the walls :) it's coming together so nicely! I've been so blessed with all the help I've gotten from my buddies! I love my frands!

More pictures to come!

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