Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jack Goes to Camp

Our baby boy Jackie is away at summer camp! Or at least that's what I'm thinking of it as.
He's the second puppy from the left.
He's actually at Tuscaloosa K-9 training camp learning to be a well behaved doggie. When Flex was killed in the storm, the nice people at TK-9 offered to train our next puppy for free. It is very generous of them, but at first I didn't like the idea of him spending a large portion of his puppyhood away from home. But when Tommy showed me this picture on Friday, I had a whole new prospective!

Now I can think of it less like a long, gruling process in the hot sun and more like a fun summer camp! The trainer said he is having a great time and making lots of new friends! I'm so happy he isn't the weird kid that no one will talk to or the jerk no one likes. He's already making gains with his training partner, Loxley (the puppy on the left of him). Since he's starting out younger than Flex did, he should progress at a faster rate and come home soon after the honeymoon. I'm glad he's having a good time, but I miss him so much and can't wait to visit my little bear! However, Margo is enjoying being an only child again!

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