Monday, May 9, 2011

Yay for May!

Hello Friend,

It's been a while. How is May treating you so far?

Don't get mad, but this is where I was from Wednesday through Sunday and it was fabulous! The weather was perfect and it was a much needed change of pace since the storm.

Mr. Dave had to stay here in Tusky to take care of things at the store, so that left Tom to do his buying. I have to say I was so very impressed with how he handled it! You should've seen him buying things left and right, getting deals on almost everything! That's my He Man!

We finished all the business-y stuff on Thursday so we had the rest of the week to enjoy the beach. Poor Tom was completely lobstered, but I ended up with a nice tan. That's what sunscreen will do for you! Use protection, folks!

Anyway we had a BLAST playing on the beach and eating entirely too much! Because we ate too much, I'm having to watch what I eat for while! So so sad to when we had to leave Sunday, but there are two more trips to look forward to now: bridesmaids trip in 42 days and the honeymoon in 60!


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