Friday, April 22, 2011

An Extra Good Good Friday

Easter is upon us and I love Easter!

Who wouldn't love Easter? You get to buy a pretty new dress, stuff yourself with great food, spend time with family, dye/hunt eggs, and it marks the day Jesus rose from the dead to save all of us!
To me, that's what makes Him different from all the other gods people worship; He rose, but Budda is still sittin' snug in his grave.

Anyway, my most favorite Easter tradition is, of course, the eggs! You're never too old for a good egg hunt! Since I'm babysitting tonight, I got to dye eggs with kids, which makes it extra magical. Sooo much fun!

Lucy is too little for eggs and Emory was exhausted from playing at PawPaw's house all day, so Rylee and I had the eggs all to ourselves! We tie-dyed most of them, but made a few traditional ones too. 

I also got some AH-mazing news today! But I'm not allowed to tell what it is yet! I'll just say that I am so incredibly blessed. More than I would have every imagined I could be. God can make a way even when we don't see one.

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