Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Nanny Diaries: A Very Potter Weekend

This past weekend I kept the Potter babies while Ed and Ashlee went to Hangout! We had loads of fun! And I shared the responsibilites with GeeGee so it wasn't all that hard either. Here's what went down.

Me and the babies picked Rylee up from the bus stop and we went to my house for a little while. We jumped on the tampoline, colored, ate pizza, and watched movies on VHS! Ry could believe how big they were! My Mawmaw held Juicy Lucy all afternoon so she was a very happy baby. When we got back to their house that night, the girls were so exhausted they barely made it through their buble baths. Emory begged to go "night night" the whole time.
Ry had been waiting for Saturday all week! I promised to take her swimming if the weather was pretty and thank God it was! We got up, made pancakes, dropped the little girls off at GeeGee's, and headed to OT's. 
We stayed at the pool until 2, then it was time to go to gymnastics. Ry hates gymnastics, but luckily this was her last one! Not that that made her any happier to go, especially since she had to leave her fun. It didn't help that I had forgotten to bring sunscreen and she had gotten a bit of a sunburn. We finally got to the recital, Ry did great and got her award, then we got ice cream and she was happy again when I dropped her off at GeeGee's for the night. Ry is the one in pink! We weren't in the greatest spot for video, so please excuse the woman's head and blurriness.
The girls stayed at GeeGee's to play with their cousins while I went to ACA's graduation to see Sydney, Melissa, Mary Ann, and Kendall! Also it was Emily & Matt's wedding day! They had a very small family wedding and were not able to invite friends (I know how that feels. So stressful!) so I was honored when her mom asked me to decorate their cars before they got home! Don't worry, it was very tasteful! Not at all what I expect Tommy 4Runner to look like. The pictures from their photobooth are adorable! After my free day, I picked up McDonald's for dinner (yeah, I know, Future Mrs. Homemaker, right?), and brought the girls back to their house. Dinner, baths, bed. Pretty standard school night stuff.

Monday morning:
Made America Muffins, which me and Ry decided was what you call it when there are both strawberry and blueberry muffins in one pan, and got ready for school. Ry did not want to go to school after such a big weekend so when her alarm went off the was deathly ill and couldnt get dressed because her sunburn had made her too cripsy. Those are her words and I don't even want to picture a crispy sunburn. But after a few muffins she was ready to go!

Wow! If you read all this you're either quite a reader, or really like babies. Both ways, I'm glad you stopped by! Have a Happy Hump Day! Please, no dirty thoughts there.

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