Monday, May 23, 2011

They gave the cutest girl in the world a T.V. show!

Yes, that's right- Zooey DesChanel is starring in a new show! I got so excited after reading Brooke's blog about it!  
I just think Zooey is the cutest thing since puppies! She has great hair and I luh-ove the way she dresses! So sweet. So feminine.

I cannot wait for New Girl! It'll fit right in with all my other shows (The Office, Parks and Recreation, Scrubs, 30 Rock...) Especially love all the Dirty Dancing stuff because it's my favorite 80s movie! New Girl may be my Office replacement because I don't think I can bear watch it after Michael Scott is gone.

What are your favorite shows?
Is there anything new coming on that you're looking forward to seeing?

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