Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bad News, Good News, and an Update

I'll start with the bad news:
Our families were very blessed during the storms a few weeks ago. We had a few trees down, lost power for a few days, and still don't have cable or internet. Yeah, it's a bit of a nuisance, but our loved ones are safe and we have a place to lay our heads at night. Oh, how my heart breaks for those who weren't so lucky.
However, we did have one casuality. Tommy's one-year-old German Shepard, Flex. He was still at Tuscaloosa K-9 training camp when the storm came and everything there was destroyed. I know it's "just a dog" and, once again, we are extremly blessed, but we still miss our baby boy. He was just so great..

Now for the good news:
We got a new puppy! I know it's seems fast, but Tom doesn't like being home alone all the time so he needed a new friend.
This is Jack (or Jackie, Jackpot, Jack Attack, ect.)! He's an eight-week-old Austrailan Shepard and he's already stolen our hearts!
We still miss Flex very much, but we're definitely enjoying Jack :)

An Update
If you're wondering about Margo, you probably aren't but I can't leave my sweet girl out! She's growing up and you can tell she's mellowed out. But don't worry, she's as mischievous as ever!

She spent the night with her daddy and new brother while I was in Ft. Payne for my shower. We had to get her bathed and cliped beforehand so she coud be pretty, but she jerked like a total spaz when mom went to clip one of her nails and it cut too far! Poor Margo's paw was bleeding like crazy! It got all over the place, but mom and dad rigged up a cast-like bandage on it and she seems to be feeling better now.

...we're currently having a problem with Jack trying to "show his dominance" over Margo. She does not like it.

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