Monday, May 16, 2011

Hen Party

Guess what?! I've had my first shower!
...that sounds like I've been stinky for a very long time.

Let me rephrase: I've had my first wedding shower! Friday night mom and I made a trip up to Ft. Payne to see my family and attend my very first shower! It was oringinally planned for April 30th, but had to be resceduled due to the power outages the storm caused.
Before the shower, we went to see Abby's gymnastics recital. It was so cute! I have the prettiest little cousin! In the middle of the recital, they had a daddy-daughter dance during which the little girls put on white dresses and danced to "Baby Mine" with their daddies. I don't know if it's because we're planning a wedding and looking at my last dance with my daddy or if we're just nutters, but mom and I were sobbing! We didn't even know those kids! Abby and Jeff weren't in that part!

My fabulous hostesses: Bec-bec, Regina, Kim, Crystal, and Aunt Doris
The food was delicious! Oh my gosh there was strawberry punch! I love punch!

I was given so many wonderful gifts that I can't possibly name all of them (I mean, I really can't! They were making me name everything I got and I discovered I don't know what much of anything is really called!). I have more kitchen stuff than I know what to do with. Honestly, if I have more than a pizza cutter and cookie sheets, I have more than I know what to do with, but I'm determined to learn!
Abby and Sara even picked me out a special gift! It's a outdoor flag featuring Tinkerbell :)

I love all the new things I was given, but I also treasure the sentimental things that were passed on to me. Becky gave me great grandmother McNutt's china (from Japan, which I think is funny), Dorris gave me great grandma Boatwright's apron, and MawMaw gave me blueglass jars I've had my eye on and a quilt that she has been working on since before my parents were married! My uncle Jeff is so jealous of it! It went to the first grandchild so, being the youngest child, he never really had a shot.

But the very best part was seeing all the ladies in my family. My family is really close, but I haven't seen most of them since Christmas so I really enjoyed the time spent together. I love all of them from the bottom of my heart and seeing all the "hens" together made me so happy!

Thank you so much to everyone who came and made my first shower so wonderful and memorable!


  1. Sorry I missed the shower! Lucas graduated the same day and we were in Birmingham all day long. I will get your gift to you soon. Ellen

  2. It's fine! Congrats on the graduation and I hope to see you guys soon! love you!