Monday, May 16, 2011

Snow Shower

Sunday afternoon I was honored at a second shower for Tommy's side of the family hosted at Candy's house.
Hostesses: Teda, Holli, Candy (holding Katie), Brandy, Brooklyn, and Kylie
 To this shower I brought my maids of honor, Sydney and Leslie. We were super early because mom and I had never driven there before and we were betting on getting lost. We didn't, but it worked out because mom, Syd, and I hadn't eaten anything that day and were about to starve to death. Needless to say, Candy had scrumptous snacks so we practically demolished them, except for mom, of course, because she is super super polite; she just nibbled. Let me just tell you, Candy's lemonade is to die for!

During the shower we playing fun little games. We each had a clothespin that we wore and if you said the Groom's name, you lost yours to whoever called you on it and the girl with the most at the end of the shower won. I had three, which I lost to Tommy's aunt Becky, who lost her's to Kylie, who won the game!

I was delighted to be around the Snow clan, who have always been so sweet and treated me like family, and I was thrilled to see Dylan's and Jacob's moms, Mrs. Coleen and Mrs. Teresa, and Brittany Pierce and her mommy!
I was given tons of loot! Towels, sheets, the comforter and rug I've been dying for, a pretty picture frame, a beautiful quilt that MawMaw Mona made, and TONS of kitchen stuff! I now have everything I could possibly need to cook anything I can think up. I'm giving Martha a run for her money! Tommy thinks we still need a doughnut maker, but our over-flowing cabinets beg to differ. The gifts from the kids always make me laugh! I love them! Kylie, Katie, Brooklyn, and Reese gave us Bride & Groom hats to wear on our cruise! 
This weekend was super busy in the very best way! I really love being the bride and showers are so much fun! I cannot wait for my friends to start getting married so I can throw them pretty showers, too! 
Thank you so much to everyone who came to the Snow Shower and made it so wonderful! 

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