Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gentle Snowflakes

I hope everyone has had a truly beautiful holiday and looking forward to a wonderful New Year! I'm guessing most of you got to enjoy a white Christmas this year, which is pretty much a first for us Alabama youngins, and had probably the best Christmas of your life! I know I did! Here's a few photos from Ft. Payne and the Gatlinburg trip.

I have more and better pictures but...they're on Tom's phone. But I do love these. I loved the snow. I loved watching it float gently, quietly to the ground, making everything it covered beautiful. I love the silence it throws over the woods with nothing moving but the red birds. I loved its icy touch on my face and the light clumps it left in my hair and eyelashes. And as I was watching the flakes fall, I thanked God for it. And I thought, silly as it may seem, that He sent it for us, for our family. He knew it was going to be a hard Christmas without my Pawpaw and so he gave us snow. Quiet, gentle, peaceful snow to comfort us and bring some unexpected joy on an otherwise bleak Christmas morning. God just dumped a little joy all over our mountain! And I'm in awe once again of the beauty my God can create.

This will probably be my last entry of the 2010 so until then, here's to you bloggers! May the rest of your year be merry and bright! See you next year :)

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